Suicide Prevention Services

NSWODGP has been commissioned by the Western NSW Primary Health Network to lead a consortium to develop and manage the coordination of Suicide Prevention Services in the North West of NSW.  As consortium partners, Bourke Aboriginal Health Service and Walgett Aboriginal Medical service have been contracted to deliver the Indigenous suicide prevention component of this program within the overarching regional integrative suicide prevention program framework.

The proposed service model will focus upon both mainstream and Indigenous suicide prevention, with the aim to reduce deliberate self-harm associated with both fatal and non-fatal suicidal behaviour in the nominated service hubs of Walgett, Bourke and Cobar. The proposed service model is aligned to the Nine Step LifeSpan Systems Approach to Suicide Prevention initially developed on behalf of the NSW Mental Health Commission by the NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Suicide Prevention (CRESP) and Black Dog Institute.

Consistent with the Lifespan priority assessments and research evaluation, the proposed suicide prevention framework will place a primary focus and resources on GP capacity building, access to mental health therapies. gatekeeper training, after care and Schools programs. Each suicide prevention service system will be integrated, involving the formation of mental health networks at each nominated hub, including representation from Aboriginal Health Workers, GPs, Aboriginal Medical Services, Western NSWLHD Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol, services, Community Mental Health team and community members. The proposed model will be designed to promote a systems wide service integration approach across multiple governance structures and providers in the region.

Suicide Prevention Services Care Coordinators will be appointed to each nominated hub to support the integration of service delivery for clients at risk of suicide, develop appropriate education and training resources for the school, gatekeeper and frontline staff training, community campaigns and communication activities. Suicide Prevention Services Care Coordinators will be engaged and located at each partner service, including the NSWODGP Cobar Primary Health Care Centre, Walgett and Bourke Aboriginal Medical Services to ensure responsiveness of each service to the specified mainstream and Indigenous suicide prevention strategy.

Suicide Support Services: