Reconciliation Action Plan

The NSWODGP's first Innovative Reconciliation Plan (RAP) 2016-2018 was championed by the NSWODGP Executive, Executive Manager of Clinical Services.  A RAP working group was established comprising of a range of ODGP employees and other independent partners (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Aboriginal and Torres Islander Strait peoples). Structured workshop meetings were held second monthly with a formalised agenda to identify the actions and strategies to improve the NSWODGP capacity to provide culturally safe products and services. This planning and consultative process served to raise awareness of the RAP amongst ODGP management, employees and partners.

The NSWODGP RAP was approved by Reconciliation Australia in November 2016. The Reconciliation Action Plan was promoted within our organisation and in December 2017, it was formally presented by the Executive sponsor to NSWODGP employees and the ODGP board. The NSWODGP RAP was professionally published into hard copy form as a booklet for circulation within the organisation and to communities and partners.

The NSWODGP RAP was proudly launched at an ODGP Reconciliation Week registered event at the ODGP Lightning Ridge office. At the event, the NSWODGP pledged that the RAP will remain a functional, dynamic and constructive blueprint that is embedded into the ODGP core culture.

As a living plan, the NSWODGP has implemented the RAP through several meaningful collaborations, including the NSWODGP, Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation and Bila Muuji Aboriginal Health Services consortia’s management of the WNSWPHN commissioned Chronic Disease Management and Prevention Program, North West Suicide Prevention Services program with consortia partners, Bourke Aboriginal Health service, Walgett Aboriginal Health Service, Weigelli Centre Aboriginal Corporation and Orana Haven Aboriginal Corporation: employment of Aboriginal Health workers; service delivery support at each Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation in the region, and ongoing cultural awareness training.

The NSWODGP RAP is available for download.

Reconciliation Action Plan