Quality Policy

What we do

ODGP is a not-for-profit member-based organisation specialising in health care service delivery to regional, rural and remote communities.

Quality Aims

Quality Aims are to:

  • a. meet funding body contractual obligations, through effective application of the Company Quality Management System (QMS);
  • b. to ensure that all personnel have appropriate qualifications and competencies to perform their assigned tasks and functions to the required standards;
  • c. allocate appropriate resources to ensure effective and efficient delivery of ODGP’s services;
  • d. ensure that ODGP’s Quality System policies, processes and procedures meet ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard requirements;
  • e. ensure that ODGP personnel comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and are kept informed of changes in relevant standards, legislation, accreditation and industry requirements; and
  • f. ensure continual quality improvement through regular review of performance, including key Interested Party feedback and evaluation, to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the Quality Management System.


ODGP’s Senior Management are committed to maintaining consistent high standards of quality services to Key Interested Parties and is committed to continual improvement and meeting the requirements of the Quality Management System through the pursuit of our Quality Aims.

The General Manager is committed to the communication and implementation of this policy. All staff are encouraged to strive to achieve quality outcomes in accordance with this policy.