The Chronic Disease Management and Prevention Program (CDMPP) Allied Health Services Strategy (insert link to document) involves the provision of Podiatrists in Health Care Neighbourhoods where needed to increase access and support for patients referred under a GP Led Multidisciplinary Care plan. 

The CDMPP will assist mainstream and Aboriginal Community Controlled general practices across the catchment to access allied health services to support multidisciplinary team based care.  Based on existing area of need previously demonstrated under the Western NSW PHN program, the CDMPP will provide continuing access to a range of allied health services to support management and prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions.  The NSW Outback Division is working in collaboration with the NSW Rural Doctors Network and Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation in the delivery of the Allied Health Strategy which will provide access to Allied Health Services (determined per community) and may include Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists, Diabetes Educators and Podiatrists.

The Podiatrists are experts in foot health, in particular of people with circulation problems and diabetes. Podiatrists are recognised as important members of the health care team in preventing and managing lower limb complications for those living with diabetes.

The Podiatrist will work closely with General Practices to support planned care and referral pathways as part of team based care. They promote chronic disease prevention strategies with self- management support and will work as part of the multidisciplinary team and tailor treatment to individual needs.

To find out more about the ODGP Podiatrist Services or to obtain information regarding our providers in your community, please contact the NSW Outback Division of General Practice in Bourke on 02 68 724 777.